Algebra I (offered in 2019-20)

Taught by  Kristen Monahan

Taught by Kristen Monahan

  • A full first-year algebra course

  • Focus on building a solid grasp of the fundamentals of algebra

  • Prerequisite: Mastery of basic math skills, possibly including completion of a Pre-Algebra course (see full list below)

  • Assessment Test and Parent Questionnaire required prior to beginning (see below for links)

This high school tutorial will introduce students to the full range of topics in algebra, including: real numbers, the language of algebra, solving equations and inequalities, linear functions, polynomials and radicals, quadratic equations, rational expressions and equations.

This class will take students on a mathematical journey beyond the basics and into the "unknowns." Students who are comfortable with their understanding of math topics studied through middle school should be in a good position to undertake a study of algebra. Good homework habits will be necessary in order for them to achieve mastery in this class, which is a cornerstone for other required high school science and math courses.


Following is a list of prerequisites for Algebra 1; the ones in the "critical" list are often inadequate in homeschooled students seeking to enter this class:

Critical Skills

  • Basic multiplication facts with some speed (through 12’s)

  • Order of operations

  • Fractions: performing all 4 operations; converting to mixed numbers and decimals

  • Decimals: performing operations; rounding; conversion to fractions; terminating vs. non-terminating

  • Percents

  • Setting up proportions (e.g. in word problems)

  • Exponents: evaluating; performing operations

  • Area, perimeter/circumference, volume

Important Skills

  • Unit conversions (simple)

  • Computing simple averages

  • Working with the concept of rates (e.g. price per lb., speed, etc.)

  • Word problems with any of the above

Assessment and Questionnaire

An assessment test of basic math skills and a parent questionnaire are required before students may enter this course. 


Algebra I, Mcdougall Little / Copyright 2007
  ISBN-13: 978-0618594023 / ISBN-10: 0618594027