Biology (offered every year)  

Taught by Dawn Corbin

  • Understanding of fundamental principals of living organisms
  • Proper use of laboratory techniques
  • Scientific inquiry and investigation skills as used with the scientific method
  • Students will have practice with observing, inferring, predicting, measuring, calculating, designing, classifying, communicating, graphing, drawing conclusions, making models, and analyzing data.

In this tutorial, 9th and 10th grade students will study the fundamentals of living things and their processes. Through the exploration of the natural world, from the microscopic to the macroscopic, students will gain an understanding of the diversity of life as well as how life is interconnected. Throughout the course of study students will be exposed to the major themes of biology such as: biological systems, form and function, reproduction and inheritance, cellular basis of life, energy and life, environmental interactions, adaptation, and scientific inquiry. Students will explore biological concepts through reading, assignments, class discussion, demonstration and experimentation.

In addition to the labs we conduct in class, there will be 3-4 additional labs held at Gordon College each year.  These labs seek to supplement our curriculum by allowing students to explore concepts in new ways and utilize lab equipment that we do not have available at New Hope.  Lab dates will be made available at the start of the year.

We will explore the following units of study: Life, Cells, Inheritance, History of Life, Microbial World, Plants, Animal Diversity, Human Structure and Function.


Textbook - Biology by Miller & Levine - Pearson Publishing
Teacher supplement Miller & Levine, Pearson (2010)