Change/Drop Request Form 2017-18

This form should be used for any changes or to drop full-year courses for the 2017-18 academic year. If you want to add courses, you can do so in your parent portal via Veracross. We will make the update to your schedule within seven business days after receiving this form. Please also use this form to let us know about any schedule conflicts or wishes.

As well, you can use this form to indicate interest in a course outside your child's age range (asking for a high school Algebra 1 course for a 7th grader, for example).  Our Registrar will be in touch with you and assist you with registering outside the usual age parameters.

You are responsible for the full year's tuition for any courses that are on your bill after July 15th, 2017 (the official drop deadline). 

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Your Name
Please include the names of the courses and instructors, as well as the names of the students involved. Specify sections and/or blocks where needed.