Financial Aid at New Hope

We are pleased to report that as of March 2019, our Servathon (student-run fundraiser) has brought in $35,000 (and counting)! All proceeds go to assist those families who demonstrate need, with regard to the cost of tuition.

Financial aid decisions are made between May and June, so we recommend that you begin your application process right away. You can begin as soon as you’ve attended Discover New Hope on March 26, but will need your current tax information on hand.

APRIL 2019 - JUNE 2019:

  1. Send a formal letter (by email is fine) to Chris Westrate, Director, stating your intent to apply and outlining any extraordinary circumstances your family currently faces.
    2. Once you’ve compiled your tax return for 2019 — go to From the top menu headed “Parent Resources,” choose “Financial Aid” off the drop-down menu. From there, complete the Financial Aid application. (Use our zip code 01921 to identify New Hope as the school of your choice.)
    3. Our Executive Director will review all applications (along with personalized emails and letters) during the months of May and June. We will begin to send out Financial Aid packages (formal letter sent out by email) to families beginning on or around June 30th. We ask that families return a SIGNED letter of acceptance by July 10.

    More about financial aid at New Hope:

    We hope that the cost of our courses will not deter anyone from applying. Some families demonstrate need based on the number of children still homeschooling; others demonstrate need based upon extenuating circumstances such as medical expenses, extended family living under one roof, college expenses for older children while still homeschooling, and the ever-present one-income family structure that is inherent in the design. We are open to discussion about you and your family’s particular situation, so please don’t hesitate to email our Executive Director to tell your story.