Geometry (offered in 2019-20)

Taught by Becca Beaman

Becca Beaman

Becca Beaman

  • Prerequisite: Mastery of basic math skills (see list below) and completion of Algebra I

  • Assessment Test and Parent Questionnaire requested prior to beginning (see bottom of page for links)

This high school tutorial will introduce students to logic as the basis of formal and informal proofs. Since topics build upon one another, students will need to strive for mastery and retention of concepts. Periodic reviews of algebraic skills are included in the curriculum. The class will proceed at a solid pace in order to cover the material while only meeting for three hours each week. Therefore, good homework habits will be necessary in order for students to keep up with the class. 


Following is a list of pre-Algebra math skills that should be fully mastered before taking a high school math course. The ones in the "critical" list are often inadequate in homeschooled students:


  • Basic multiplication facts with some speed (through 12’s)

  • Order of operations

  • Fractions: performing all 4 operations; converting to mixed numbers and decimals

  • Decimals: performing operations; rounding; conversion to fractions; terminating vs. non-terminating

  • Percents

  • Setting up proportions (e.g. in word problems)

  • Exponents: evaluating; performing operations

  • Area, perimeter/circumference, volume


  • Unit conversions (simple)

  • Computing simple averages

  • Working with the concept of rates (e.g. price per lb., speed, etc.)

  • Word problems with any of the above


An assessment test of previous math skills and a parent questionnaire are required before students may enter this course. 


Geometry by Larson, Boswell, and Stiff (Publisher: Mcdougall Littell)
Publication Date: 2004 (10th Edition)

  • ISBN-10: 0618250220

  • ISBN-13: 978-0618250226