Ginny Pinho

At New Hope since 2012
B.A., 1980, Chemistry, Harvard University
Diploma, 1982, Bethel Bible College

Before becoming a chemistry major in college, Ginny thought she would certainly major in math. Her love for the subject began when her older brother tried explaining his algebra problems to her when she was around seven or eight years old, and continued all the way through her study of calculus in high school, where she was also tapped to serve as an assistant teacher to eighth grade algebra students. Although her focus turned toward the sciences in college, Ginny’s favorite subject to teach is still math. She loves the challenge of a good math problem (she does logic problems for fun) and delights at the opportunity to help someone else understand the subject.

Ginny home-schooled her seven children over nineteen years, teaching all subjects from kindergarten through twelfth grade. She is very involved in her church, serving in its pastoral, praise and worship, and teaching ministries. Ginny loves to teach and is excited about serving the home school community through involvement with New Hope.