Ian Drummond

At New Hope since 2004

B.A., History and Economics, GMU (2000)
M.Div., GCTS (2006), additional Th.M. coursework
M.A., Classics, Tufts University (2010)
Ph.D., Latin and Roman History, UFL (coursework in progress)

Ian taught at New Hope from 2004-2010, focusing on Latin, Greek and history.  A move to NYC with his family took him away for a time, after which he returned to New Hope as Associate Director in January 2012. He has taught Latin, history, English literature, and photography over the course of these many years. 

From 2017 on, Mr. Drummond has reduced his teaching time while increasing his role as I.T. support and marketing for New Hope Tutorials.  His long association with our organization gives him unique insight and creative ideas.  While we miss having him in the classroom, New Hope continues to benefit from Mr. Drummond's keen eye behind the lens of a camera, and his vibrant personality at our many family functions (Fall Family Day, Winter Evening, Servathon Workday and graduation).  

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