Physics (anticipated for 2019-20)

Taught by Becca Beaman

Taught by Becca Beaman


Physics is a language that we can use to talk about the universe and how it works. Spoken in math and written in Greek, it describes everything from the motion of the moon to the furnace driving the stars to the flight of a baseball to the workings of your phone.

This class will focus on the fundamental concepts of physics beginning with Newton's Laws which form the foundation of our study of one- and two- dimensional and rotational motion as well as momentum, work, energy, and power. The second half of the class will focus on the physics that governs waves, electricity and magnetism, and light. If time permits, we will graze the topics of particle physics, quantum mechanics, and/or nuclear physics. I believe physics is an exciting, living science and to this end I hope to engender an interest for these foundational concepts that govern how our world works.

Prerequisites and Admission

Students who have completed Algebra 2 and/or Chemistry at New Hope Tutorials within the past two years: please send an email reference from your tutor for admittance to this class.  *As well, these students should take the Assessment Exam given here.*

All other students: please complete Assessment Exam and Parent Questionnaire.

Parent: please follow these steps to supervise this test:

1.  Have a computer available to take the (online) test.  Student should have plenty of scrap paper nearby and a pencil with a good eraser.  A scientific calculator will be needed for some but not all of the questions. *Students must show all their work long-hand so that the tutor can see  and evaluate their thinking process.*

2.  Go through the entire test page by page, online (or printed out, if you prefer).  If not sure of an answer, student can skip it and come back to work on it.  This is not a timed test, however, it is reasonable to complete the test within a two-day period if an interruption is unavoidable.

3.  Once the student has completed the test and is ready to click “submit” — we ask that the parent or proctor clicks “submit” and then prints out the entire test as a hard copy.  (There is no print option provided; please use “File-Print” option on your computer.)

4.  Please drop off to our office, or mail the entire test AS WELL AS ALL of your child’s scratch-work pages, to:
Martha Geraghty
New Hope Tutorials Inc.
PO Box 96
Boxford MA 01921