Public Speaking II

Taught by Linda Libert

This advanced Public Speaking course is designed to move students beyond the classroom and into real world public speaking experience. The course will open with a review of basic oratory skills learned in Public Speaking I, and will progress to longer-term speech exercises crafted to enhance and refine one’s presentation and cement personal style. There will be fewer assignments than in the prerequisite course, but much more practice and polishing toward professionalism. The course will also involve guest speakers, a few field trips and possible collaboration with a local speech/debate club whose members are preparing for NCFCA competition. The instructor will invite students to her own speaking engagements when feasible. Students will offer each other ongoing support, affirmation, and respectful constructive critique. 

Open to students who have had Public Speaking I in the last two years. Others may be admitted at tutor's discretion; new students must submit a writing sample and schedule a Family Interview with our Registrar, Martha Geraghty.