Robyn Blum

At New Hope since 2016
B.A. in History, American University

Robyn Blum spent her childhood in the Merrimack Valley, living in Georgetown, MA since 2003.  She went to college in Washington, DC where she received her degree at American University.  Throughout her schooling, History was always her favorite subject, but college is where she discovered her love of teaching.  As a senior, she was one of a select few undergraduates allowed to be a Teacher’s Assistant in an undergraduate American History class.  At the first study session she held, she told her students, “It is my job to help you get the best possible grade in this class, and I’m going to do it by doing my best, and helping you to do your best.” And it worked!  Her 10 students were the top performing in the class of 50, and the students gave her glowing evaluations that placed her in the top three among Undergraduate Teacher’s Assistants across disciplines.

Robyn met her husband, a graduate student studying Modern European History, at college as well.  They have been married for 19 years and have four children, ranging in age from 18-10 years old.  The Blums continued to live in the Washington, DC area for 10 years and then moved to Georgetown, MA to be closer to family.  Robyn began her adventure in homeschooling when her oldest was in 4th grade and fell in love with how it changed her family for the better and brought them all closer to the Lord.  All four children have attended New Hope Tutorials and loved their experiences there. 

In 2009, Robyn took over the religious education program, K-5 (approximately 300 students), at her church and recreated it from the ground up.  She wrote lesson plans for each grade, for inter-grade learning sessions, and for numerous retreats.  She restructured the program to ensure that a high level of learning was top priority, and made it fun.  “Children learn best when it is fun!  It doesn’t matter how important the material is, if it is just a bunch of dry facts it will be a struggle for children to learn.  But if you make it a game, an interesting challenge incorporating different learning styles, you won’t be able to stop them from learning.”  Robyn had numerous wonderful History teachers throughout her time as a student.  They made history come alive for her and she is very excited to have the opportunity to help history come alive for students here at New Hope Tutorials.