Spanish IV  (not offered in 2018-19)

Jodi Fryling

  • continue work begun in Spanish I-III
  • class is conducted in Spanish 

Students will develop their proficiency in the Spanish language through the study of:

  • Literature - Reading and writing proficiency will be practiced and developed as students interact with both short stories and novels of Latin American and Spanish authors.  
  • Oral Proficiency - As the class will be conducted entirely in Spanish, listening and speaking proficiency will be practiced and developed.  Students will have regular opportunities to discuss current events as well as topics that are relevant to them.
  • Grammar - A comprehensive grammar review will also be given throughout the course.

Students will use a journal to work on written communication in the target language.  This will provide the students with the opportunity to work on and develop fluency in their writing.

Pre-requisite: completion of Spanish III with New Hope Tutorials. If a new student wishes to enter this course, an assessment will be required (by phone to determine fluency, as well as a written exam). Please contact the Registrar Martha Geraghty at 978 965 8601 for more information.