We pride ourselves on providing high-quality education from the very best instructors, supported by dedicated staff. Most of our instructors have advanced degrees in their field, and all are passionate about their disciplines. Some are veterans of the public or private school system, some are recent college graduates or current graduate students, and others have come to us from collegiate teaching or the private sector.


Christopher Westrate
  Executive Director

Laura Range
Assistant Director for Student Life and Communications;
Spanish instructor

Martha Geraghty
Executive Assistant / Admissions


Becca Beaman, Chemistry
Antoine Boisvert, English, History
Dawn Corbin, Biology, Anat&Phys
Jodi Fryling, Spanish III
Kerrie James, Art
Helen Li, Private Math Tutoring
Linda Libert, Public Speaking
Katie Logemann, English
Kristen Monahan, Math, Science
Andrew O'Brien, English
Christina Wassell, English
Katie Logemann, English