Middle School Art
(offered in 2019-20)

Taught by Kerrie James

  • become adept at knowing and using the elements and principles of design

  • be inspired by the important artists and movements of art history

  • discover and practice new and exciting techniques

  • experiment with the unlimited possibilities of visual expression

The goal of New Hope’s art tutorials is to expose students to the richness of art history, to teach them the elements and principles of design, to have them experiment with the many possibilities of visual expression, and to help them develop expressive intent in their work.

An art student at New Hope can expect to cover techniques of charcoal and pencil drawing, acrylic and watercolor painting, oil and chalk pastels, clay and other 2-D and 3-D mixed media in a variety of styles and with various forms of inspiration. Students will also be exposed to issues of aesthetic perception, creative expression, and aesthetic valuing to further develop their visual literacy.

Projects are taught to coincide with “anchor works” which tie assignments to an art movement and/or a master artist. Students will participate in self and group critiques, complete independent projects of their own choosing and keep a sketchbook for brainstorming, planning, sketching and inspiration. Projects and assignments will vary from year to year, so students may take art at any time in their middle school education.

Supplies assigned as needed.

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